Where we are at these days…

Ginter Family 2012

So it has been 5 weeks that Sam has been off of all the medications and so far so good. He is eating well, sleeping great and is able to go to school, play football and basically participate in life in a way that he hasnt been able to since last fall (and to be honest really since his accident 4 years ago).

He is in school full time meaning all day, everyday — just like everyone else! His course load is not a heavy one but not an easy one either. We are working with him to keep his stress low and to not let things get to him (and on that end it will be a time will tell scenario of if he can do it)
We had a meeting/interview with the Lion’s Foundation, 2 weeks ago about a seizure dog and we hope to know by mid to end October if he is on the list to get one. Even tho’ Sam has been siezure free for a year and a bit now, he will always be at risk for them. A dog will be added peace of mind to Dennis and I for when Sam is out on his own  – even Sam admitted it would be less stress on him to know that there was someone (even a dog) there to help if he has a seizure! The dog (if we get one) will be trained for getting a phone to Sam after a seizure, barking to get help during a seizure and it will be trained to dial the lifeline if no one responds to the dogs barking! If he is approved for one Sam could have a dog as soon as February 2013. It is then that there is another class/seesion in Oakville Ontario, but it could be later also… so we will see! 
This is where we are in life right now… again. One day at a time and luckily we have been blessed with no drame as of late! Praise the Lord!
We had family photos done yesterday (the top pic of from that session!) and once I have all the pics of the kids back I will update on everyone else! 


  1. I love the family photo. And I am so glad that things seem to be healing and turning around. Will keep you all in our prayers. gin and bill

  2. Beautiful. So glad to hear your trail has become smooth again.

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