You’ve come a long way baby!

Sam on Aug4/2008
1 week after his accident

Aug 5/2008

July 28/2012
16years old and 4 years later!

This years July28 came and went with Dennis, Sam, Hannah and I camping at Kerr’s lake. 

As I sat looking over the lake on that Saturday I have quite a few vivid memories that made me smile and brought a tear to my eyes. There were one or two that made my heart skip a beat but I focused on the happy memories and banished the others.
Over the last year alone Sam has been thru so much and now that we are on the other side of this latest rough patch we can rejoice in his recovery and his growth! (both emotional and physical!)
Sam has been off all seizure medication for almost 3 weeks and the change in him is nothing short of PHENOMENAL!  He has lost close to 15lbs and has energy like you wouldn’t believe! He is happy and caring, thoughtful, wanting to work, play football, workout, talk and be involved with life!
He is talking to us about how he felt this last year with the meds.  I know I am (because I cant speak for Dennis)  trying to deal with the guilt issues of not getting the right help and no listening (not the kind of “ear listening”) to our gut feeling about the meds, the doctor and how Sam was reacting to it all. 
But I am not letting the guilt run me over, I am DEALING with it. I am praying about it and everything more right now. 
I am amazed and how MY OWN health has changed in the last few weeks! because I am not letting the guilt stress me out, SAm is feeling better so the stress there is gone… I have actually been feeling good and I think it may be the reason for my small weight loss too! 
I am starting to wonder if this is the beginning of ‘the end’ for this blog. I want to say that it feels as if we have come full circle but if history has taught me anything it is to not count my chickens before they hatch!  I know we are still going to have challenges but maybe now we are more able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and not assume it is the train…
here’s hopin’!

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  1. I was wondering how he was doing off the seizure medications. Wonderful news! I think I am going to encourage Dr to let Bill try dropping more. We are taking a trip from NY to CAlif on the plane, so that will be a good test. I am so glad you are feeling better and so is Sam. Scary but you both did it…you all did! Congratulations and good health! gin

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