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These trips to Winnipeg just knock this guy out! We leave at 5-5:15 am to be in the city for a 9am appt. in hopes that we can get home with time to stil get work done on the farm.
This last trip had us to see the psychologist and try to see about getting Sam to understand a few things….
I guess time will tell if he fully comprehends that we (Dennis and I) are doing all that we can, the doctors are all doing whatever they can, the meds are doing their part, the rest (and sadly the biggest part) is up to him. Unfortunately, he has a frontallobe injury which means that his ‘filters’ dont always work and his perception and judgement is a ‘little’ off.  Also the unfortunate part is this is where we have been trying to get not only Sam to learn how to deal and live with it but the school also… and they dont get it. Sam’s brain has to actually HEAL and REWIRE itself and if we dont get it ‘rewired’ soon then he may have issues and unnecessary struggles  for the rest of his life!   sigh… We have some plans for the immediate (meaning next week) but until they happen I dont want to post anything incase minds are changed or plans change)…

An update on the TBI/ABI bracelet campaign is going FAB-U-LOUS!  I have got 400 bracelets and oak leaves out to local businesses and I have mailed out so many to people all over Canada AND to the UK! I have another 400-500 of them now and am working on getting leaves on them out to the public! I spoke with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers office and they are going to wear them! WAY TO GO BOMBERS! (yes I know I am a bleed GREEN RIDERS PRIDE fan — but we also live in Manitoba) and I am so glad to have all the help we can get with spreading awareness of Brain Injuries! I have a few other surprises coming in the month of Jue to share with everyone but I have to wait to make sure it is all finalized.

I have also let my name stand to be nominated for the MBIA (Manitoba Brain Injury Association) board. I am excited about this as I hope I can bring some new and positive ideas to the table! I have been emailed from David Maguire and he has an idea going that he wants to get as a national campaign. So I will take it to the board and hopefully they are on board with it too!


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  1. WOOHOO! you go girl! Sam is looking like a young man now… no boy there. Lots of love and patience… easier said than done, I know. I think deeeeeeeeeeeeep down Sam gets it (like a short in the wiring) Praying it will connect and stay that way soon – for his sake and yours.I'm still waiting for my dd's to stay connected 🙂

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