not sure who needs it more…

respite that is…
Sam most deflinitely needs some R&R time away from us (24hrs a day 7 days a week is a bit much for a 16yr old)
but the rest of the family could definitely use it too. We are all so frazzled with Sam and his BI and coming off these damned drugs. Josh is ok since he has a job and is able to spend his weekends working 14hours a day, but Isaac and Hannah are home a lot … so they are getting to see it and experience it all first hand too!
Sam had a major melt down again yesterday (Monday) and went to bed at 3pm and basically slept (and is still sleeping as I write this at 6am (Tuesday). We got him up at 8 for his meds, he ate some dinner and went back to bed.
This melt down was weird. He started yelling at me that he is tired of ‘working’ all the time and I never help him with his school work, he wont eat the sh!t I cook, he wanted me to leave him the &$#! alone, and then there was a 10 minute rant and rail away at me that I couldnt understand or hear as I had to leave the room then. I had asked him that while he was watching tv to please fold the laundry that was there (it was his and Joshs) and that started a huge thing –then he proceeded to tell me that no he wouldnt fold Josh’s clothes and was only doing his own. When he came upstairs 15 minutes later he said he folded his stuff and left Josh’s but when I checked he had folded a bit of Josh’s and his own…. not a mistake that the boys make – they hate to have each others clothes in with their own. So not sure if it was a BI moment or the meds.
Then he went to bed and there he stayed the rest of the day.
There was a great lot of drama with him yesterday, lots of swearing at me, lots of telling me off, lots of telling me that I dont do anything for him…. it was a very hard, emotional day.

we all need some R&R — respite would be good but so far we are told that they dont know where to get us help … so nothing new.


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  1. Those are some pretty tough moments. Wow, been there… was there on Mothers Day.. only for me I can distance myself as my child no longer lives at home. I can show you some texts that would burn your phone up.Would a friend or relative take him for a few days or a week to give everyone some R&R? A change in scenery may do him a world of good and it would give you a few days to regroup.

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