Faith Hope Cure

Dennis and I bought 250 purple silicone bracelets with Faith Hope Cure Epilepsy Awareness on them to help spread awareness of … well Epilepsy in the month of March.

We gave 200 of them to the high school to use for Global Purple Day (which March 26 — but since our school will be on Spring Break they will be doing Purple Day on March 23) The student council will be selling the bracelets that week and on the 21st there will be an assembly for the 7th graders about Epilepsy and they will be given a bracelet.

The other 50 bracelets I put into 2 businesses in Neepawa- and area available for a donation. One is Curves– my girlfriend is the owner and they are the business that sponsored Sam in football last year and they also had a box of leaves for TBI Awareness.

The other business is It’s Time — a fabulous clothing store in Neepawa. A friend owns it too and they have supported us with TBI leaf sales also and help spread the word via twitter and Facebook.

All the money raised from the bracelets will be given to Epilepsy and Seizure Association of Manitoba (Esam) The money will be used to help keep the Association spreading awareness, giving out pamphlets on E. education and anything else that is needed. Esam is the place we went to for our ‘education’ with epilepsy when Sam was first diagnosed and we were given a tremendous amount of help in understanding what we were going thru and what we may face.

Please show your support for Epilepsy survivors and families and wear purple on March 26!



  1. Will do it!

  2. Thats awesome!

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