How many!?

I had to take a second look when I got the paper work for a Seizure Response Dog for Sammi!
21 pages
That is a TWO and a ONE!

Not at all daunting, or over whelming…
Not one bit scary….

ok I lied, just a tad bit daunting…

Luckily there ARE pages for the doctors to fill out, but for the most part it is all down to me!  I have the doctor parts done and most of my parts, now I still have to find 2 character references, get the school to sign off on it (but I dont think the school will be a big deal as by the time Sam would actually get a dog he would be done or darn tootin’ close to being done)

WE started looking into the seizure alert dog shortly after Sam was diagnosed with epilepsy. We felt that it was an avenue to travel and if it is what is to be then God will open doors. Our thots are that by the time the whole process is done and thru (or close to it) Sam will be getting ready to leave home to go to college or university. A dog will be:
1.) a help to calm our nerves about Sam and his seizures when he has one
2.) there will be help for him if he does
3.) the dog can be trained to do a number of different things from getting a phone after a seizure for Sam to call for help, bark to alert ppl that Sam is in need, go for help, etc

It is a long process and after talking with the people at the Lions Foundation of Canada we felt that it was most definitely something to look into. Then once the doctors filled out the paper work on their part, they felt it was best too. This will be an almost 2 yr process from when they get the paper work at the foundation. We will have to undergo a house/home evaluation, and if we pass it then they will find a pup for Sam. This dog will be trained and once it is ready to go we will travel to Oakville Ontario to learn how to work with the dog. Then we are sent home with him/her. 
We are all excited about this new endeavour and cant wait to get the papers sent away and wait for a response from Ont. 
The service is all free to us (including the trip to get the dog) but there is a place for donations on their website. If you feel so inclined please stop by the site and see if there is a way you can help!


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