Epic fail?! BUT…

well that is what some people (teens most likely) would call it…

I am not sure if it was or not! Not on Sam’s part, on Dennis and mine thot process of the gift… or rather the hope for the plan of its full potential!

Josh, Sam and Grandma checking out the small pieces

Dennis and I bought Sam the Pirates of the Caribbean”Queen Anne’s Revenge” lego set for Christmas (not the Star Wars ones he was hoping for and most definitely not really in our budget but we made it work). He was very happy about it…

TA-DA! Sam with the Queen Anne’s Revenge

Sam started working on the ship and completed it all in one day– over a 1000 pieces


Queen Anne’s Revenge (with working cannons!)

he also completed it with  multiple conversations, games, food, dogs barking all going on around him. Not once did he lose his patience with us or himself.(another accomplishment!!!We were so proud of his dedication to this project and of the determination to ignore all the outside distractions!)

our hopes for this to be a therapy for him over the holidays was completed in less than 12 hours…

now where do we go from here!?

I am hoping we can maybe try to get the more complicated lego sets when we can make it work in our budget.
I will keep my feelers out for used ones — if anyone hears of any going please let me know!


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  1. aint that the way! Amazing what they can accomplish when they REALLY want to do it! lol I will keep my eyes and ears open for anyone getting rid of any lego too.

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