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I had both Ike and Sam to the doctor yesterday and it was confirmed that Ike is out of sports for a minimum of 6 months. That means no spring league football — but hopefully he will be ready for Fall league. If he has any major headaches or blurriness of vision again we are to get him straight to the hospital but so far we are doing great!

They (medical staff, hospital whoever it was) got the results back on Sams nail issue. He does have a fungal infection but because of his seizure meds he will not be on anything for the infection (this is what the doctor is telling me). This will be due to the fact the fungal med is ‘worked’ by the liver and Sams epilepsy meds are too, so that is too much for him and the fungal meds are about a 16week round of drugs.
I am all ok with this because we have been treating the infection with straight tea tree oil and it seems to really be helping! It isnt spreading past the 2 toes and 3 fingers! YAY!  It is stinky but amazing stuff.

Today we are 16 weeks seizure free!! I am so happy for Sam! Things are going in a good direction for him! (and for us as we are all affected when he is seizing) Maybe we can say that we are finally …after over 3 years of craziness making our way out of this tunnel and heading towards the light!!!


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  1. Keep smiling dear Jodi. Care and lvoe will see you all through.We were doing pretty well but Bill had a seizure yesterday that involved his temperature dropping to a number you don't even want to know! We were able to stay home and out of the hospital.Keep taking care of those guys, and taking care of Jodi. HUG gin

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