Refusing to change it…

bubbles… they’re all gettin’ one

.. the tag line in my blog I mean. I will NOT change it to 4 or 5 or 10!
 I absolutely CAN NOT handle another survivor in my house!
So I am putting everyone in bubbles … forever.
On Friday Mom and I were in Brandon doing some shopping and I get a call from the school “Isaac was in gym class and got an elbow to the head in basketball. His vision was blurred and he was dizzy, could I please come get him and take him to the hospital”
My first thot after the initial “you’ve got to be kidding me” wore off was “why the heck didnt THEY take him to the hospital!?” Our high school is next door to the hospital! But I called Dennis and he went and got him.
Turns out he had a concussion and since it was his second one in such a short time (he got one during football season) that he is out of sports for 6-12 months and in gym he is only allowed to do sports that he is not at risk for head injuries with… which would be what!? Who would have thot an ELBOW would be the culprit!?

So big ‘ole body bubbles is what is one everyones list this year for Christmas… says me.

it never rains but pours…


1 Comment

  1. Oh God Jodi. It never stops for you. I refuse too. I think the bubbles are a great idea. Let's just pray this one away from Isaac. Hang in there girl!

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