B.I.M.’s, iPods and teendom

B.I.M.’s— Brain Injured Moments
iPod — something we hope will help Sam with his B.I.M.’s, be a source of relaxation and help with him to remember meds
Teendom — something i hope I am going to survive with our kids

We gave Sam back his iPod this week but there is no Safari on it (to keep him from getting into trouble with it), there is very few games on it (to help  keep him from becoming obsessed with the game and iPod), and there is a new Sticky note app on it. This app is for both Dennis and Sam to write their B.I.M.’s on it thru out their day.  Right now it is just the free app but I am thinking of upgrading it so there is alarms and other things for them to use.

Sam lost his iPod this summer after we had found him using it for things that were not necessarily were best for him. So he lost it for about 4 months and now I have blocked things and we will be checking in on it frequently. (Yes we are those kind of parents– technology, the internet and kids is a scary combination –so we frequently check at our kids browsing history, cell phones, FB accts…)

I am praying that it really starts to work with Sam and in a positive way.

Lately we have been dealing with not just B.I.M.’s with Sam, but we also have been having major issues with teendom and the other kids. I have been thru every emotion and frustration you can imagine this week — all from the ‘comfort’ of my couch… We have had some very scary moments this week and I pray that things have now changed a direction  that is heading in one where people (insert our teens names here) can see that we are here as parents to help and guide…It seems today that parents have so much more to have to deal with than in the past. We have to ‘compete’ with tv, music, society and technology — and most of this stuff is gearing kids to think that they know better and dont need family or anyone to get to where they think they need to be.

Stress is huge in any parents life and I think this week we have had more than our share I think.

… here is to a better week next week.
… here is to ALL our kids knowing we love them and want only what is best for them.
… here is to a week where I dont want to run away and not look back


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