what is this new feeling?!?!

Not sure if Sam’s sleep last night(Thursday night) was due to the lack of it the night before or the bed or what, but he had a terrible night — or so I thot! I was woken by him crying out and thrashing in his bed a few times … so maybe it was more that I had a long night. He doesnt remember anything so it makes me wonder if he was having seizures — just the convulsions tho. Sadly, I was so tired I never thot to grab my phone to video anything. 
There was also someone who was throwing up alot last night… in the elevator and all over the bathroom… not a pleasant smell to greet you at 5.45 am when you are awake…
This morning (Friday) Sam was to be at the hospital at 8.30 for blood work (med level check) but I let him sleep until then. While he was waking up I was cleaning our room up so we could be ready to leave when his appointment is over this afternoon. 
This has been a very long week. we have had  lots of great news and some late nights, but I can honestly say that of ALL the trips we have had  and appointments we have been to this week has been the BEST EVER!  As I sit here in the Ronald McDonald Family Room at the hospital, I feel so much lighter about a lot of things from this week. I dont remember when I have last felt like this. I cannot begin to explain how the doctors (both neuro and psych) have helped to make me actually feel confident about what they had to say about Sam. Usually I feel a quite bit of apprehension when we are leaving the offices, but this time I felt light and smiley… there are tears of relief and happiness sitting just behind my eyes but I can’t let them out. I still have some nervousness — almost ‘is-this-too-good-to-be-true’ nervousness. I am working hard to not focus on that feeling, because I like this other new one better. 
I have had  quite a few friends ask me about the Ronald McDonald House, so I am taking pictures of it (and I will do so also of the room at the hospital) and I will do a posting about it soon!

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  1. fabulous! Nice to get some possitive feed back for a change eh? (((hugs)))

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