you do the math…

TV+video games+food (until 10pm) a large Fruitopia÷The 3 Musketeers (the new movie)×2 episodes of GLEE- less than 3 hours of sleep= an all almost nighter for Sam and I 
Tuesday evening we arrived in WInnipeg so we were bright eyed and bushy tailed for our first appointment on Wednesday morning at 9.00am with out new neurologist ….erm… no EPILEPTOLOGIST… Dr.Appendino, or JP as he asked us to call him. It was a very through appointment that lasted almost 2 hours! We got a few answers we have been waiting a while for. 
The main one….
 SAM SHOULD BE BLE TO PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!! WOOT! AND we are still in football season since the boys won our last game, so we are in the finals now! We have a game on Sunday and it looks like he will be playing!!  JP said he was going to check with Dr.Y as to what his reasons were for telling Sam “no” but he also said “Sam is a kid and let him be one!”  I was almost crying when he said that… those are the words we have been saying since April and everything has been being taken away from him!
So we went to the neuro appt, then after lunch Sam had his neuropsych appt. with Erica and that was 2-2.5 hours long. We got back to the Ronald McDonald House at about 4.30, so we ate and veg’d for a bit. Then my cell rang…
“I am looking for Sam Ginter’s mom…??” 
It was JP. He was able to book Sam for an EEG for Thursday morning — BUT he was to be ‘stressed’ so that meant a long night for us. Sam was not to sleep longer than 4 hours. Now for most teens this would be a fabulous opportunity to stay up…but we are early risers in our house (Wednesday we were up before 6am) so to stay up to midnight is a challenge! But we did it! Sam and I watched some GLEE on the computer, he played a bit of video games, then at we hit SIlverCity for a 10.30pm The 3 Musketeers movie, followed by coming back to ‘the house’. By this time both of us had gotten our second wind and were not tired so we settled in to watch more GLEE. Finally at 1.45 I turned everything off and we both went to bed… only to wake up at 4am… 
Sam will be ‘stressed’ for todays EEG but he will also be the same for his neuropsych  cognitive testings today. 
It is now 2.30 and the EEG is done and went well. He slept thru it all and woke up as the tech was removing the ‘electrodes’. We walked back to the house and he slept for about 2 hours and then had lunch.  We have walked back to the hospital and now we are waiting to see Erica. 
Sam is very very VERY tired. He is extremely shakey today — I am sure most of it is down to lack of sleep but we will have to watch and see if it is because he is taking 2 val proics in the am now and nothing at 2pm.
We had to forget about doing any cognitive assesments today. Sam was just too tired and out of it. He was glassy eyed and very slow to talk or react. So he will finish what he can tomorrow from 11.15 to 2.30-3.00, then we will head home. 
For the rest of this night Sam is taking it easy and I am trying to get him to stay up til at least 7.30 so he can sleep thru til morning…. 

I wish I could sleep til 7.30, but sadly I will be up and packing things so we can get home! **Sigh** sometimes it sucks to be the parent…

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