There is a lot to be said for bedside manner

…now if only ‘our’ neurologist had some! (and yes I said ‘our’ but I am using the term loosely)
Dennis and I had wonderful second opinion phone call last night with Dr. Bourque from Winnipeg. He  helped us to understand what all might be the reasoning behind the sudden “you are being transferred to pediatrics’ call we got yesterday.
Dr. B said that it could be that Dr. Y got a slap on the wrist from the EMU clinic for whatever the full reasoning was and is stepping us backwards to ped’s because if when they send us to another clinic it will possibly be Dr. Y that we deal with (the epileptologist). Now we also learned that the reasons behind seeing Dr.Y are because Sam not only has epilepsy BUT he also has a brain injury (no kidding!?) so it complicates things a bit. Dr. B told us that he has met with Dr. Y before and has found him to be kurt and brusque so THAT was not our imagination (It could stem from personality to the fact that it is more of a social style from his native land of Russia.)

Anyway, we found out the answers to many MANY questions that have NEVER been answered for us in 3 years! This lovely doctor called us at 9.30 at night from his home, gave us  his home number and told us to keep him in the loop. If we can find out the name of the ped neuro. that we are going to be seeing he can try to pull a few strings and see about getting us fast tracked with them… but he said he honestly figures that we will be hearing from someone in the next week or so. (please pray for this!)

So basically after our initial phone call yesterday at 8.30am-ish, we went from wondering what the heck!? until 9.30pm last night where we were smiling and saying “ok, we get it. Still am not impressed with Dr.Y but we will live with this for now…” A lot can be said for bedside manner! You would think that they should teach bedside manner in ‘doctor school’ and you have to stick with the course until you get at least 80% or better in it. Just think of the stress from patients, families, friends, co-workers and everyone that could be elevated if ALL doctors would take 5 minutes to actually explain WHY they are doing something instead of acting as if they are God.

So yesterday was not a great day and it was not all related to Dr.Y…

Sam didnt start with a good morning (thank you topomax). Since this med was ‘up’d’ to 2 pills a day there has been a NOTICEABLE change in Sam’s demeanor, so much so that I have been worrying about him. All this medicine, epilepsy and lack of quality of life I think are taking a toll on Sammi. He has been depressed and quiet, withdrawn and sullen. Major (more than before topomax) mood swings… it had been a very tough 5 days on the double dosage… so when I told Dr.Y he said to stop taking it. YAY!!! It is not working for him so get him off it! SO i spent time already this morning on the phone with the neuro psych trying to get our time with them arranged — hopefully hear about it this afternoon!

 I spent most of the morning yesterday, til 2.45 on the phone with various people, doctors, answering machines, etc., so when I went to town for football I was intending to go to curves to work out. Then I was going for coffee with a friend. But for that to happen I had to 1.) be relaxed to work out and b.) leave the house by 2pm… neither was happening so there was no workout for me.
I had also intended to have a green tea when I met up with my friend…. but I had a large English Toffee with 1/4 coffee instead…sigh

Then I went to football where I met with Sam who was in a foul mood (again….still — **cough** topomax) and was informed by him that he was NOT going to be involved with football next year if this is what it was going to be (here is the quality of life I was speaking about earlier)… basically him watching the team practice and then standing on the side lines during games — but being sure to be included when the coaches and teacher were yelling at the boys.(I dont blame him) He is supposed to be earning a credit by helping with stats and doing what he is able to do to help with the team (throwing with quarterback, practicing snaps with centre, catching for kick off or kick returns, etc) but they coaches tend to miss this part of his marks…

I sure hope that things start to settle down for Sam and for us soon… I am tired and have a permanent headache and sore back/shoulders….


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