Thots and crap…

This is how I feel a lot these days… if only it would work…

Sam has been on the topomax for almost 2 weeks and I can honestly say that I hope that things start going in a more family friendly direction. We are not sure if it is the topomax on its own or if it is any combination of the topomax, keppra and val proic acid.
Sam’s moods have been extreme to say the least. He will be fine one minute and then the next he is off on a tirade and is lippy, then the next moment (and this is the one that really scares me) he is silent and sullen. He looks like he is just ready to lay down and sleep forever, never to get up again. I worry about this side effect because I know this feeling.
I fight it daily.
I dont know if you ever stop being ‘bi polar’ (or manic depressive as they used to call it) or if you just get accustomed to learning to live with it or better at hiding it?
But when Sam gets in that mood I just want to cry myself. He doesnt want to talk, eat or do anything…
Today I will be spending my day phoning the neurologist about these side effects, a sleep lab letter we have received and a few other things. I will also be phoning the neuropsych about when we are going to see them and how we are worried about these side effect (so please do not wait on getting in to see us!)

My stress level the last few weeks has been astronomical and although I have tried to relax, I find I can’t. I am so tired, feeling lost in a pool of information and LACK of information, self doubt, self pity and a pile of other things that I dont even feel like me. My cousin was out this weekend from Ontario and we went out on Sunday morning with our cameras to take some pictures and I couldnt find any relaxation or creativity in it. All I wanted to do was cry…. which is really all I feel like doing most days anyway.
I honestly feel so alone in this all. Dennis is a help but only in so much as he helps with working with Sam. I cant tell him how I feel because the way he handles stress and things is much more different than me. I need to cry it out and then I will think it out and try to figure things… but I cant even find the time or strength to actually have a good cry. It is stupid really….
I go to curves to workout and then dont be smart at all on my eating (not that I eat alot of junk, I either eat or dont eat)
I am also mad. Mad at medicine, doctors, Dennis, family, Sam, myself and I am ashamed to admit it God.  Some days I just ask “why” ….
Why did you give this responsibility to us?! Why did you do that when I dont handle this well?!  What am I to be learning!?
I know there is a reason for it all… I just wish I knew why…

I know today is a jumble of thots and crap, but that is my head these days ….


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