not again

just got off the phone with our neuro (that we have had for all of 6weeks) and was informed that they are transferring us to the pediatric neuro clinic which when we were trying to get in to them didnt want us because they said they would be transitioning us when he was 16 (in December) anyway!
I dont even know what to think. I am so shocked at this all… I gave them the list of side effects and was also then told to take him to emergency for an evaluation for his mental health…
I have sat here and cried, talked with God, cried some more….
I know when Dennis is in and hears this new news he will not be impressed…
I dont even want to think what this will do to Sam to have to see another new doctor…
I dont know what I am thinking anymore about anything. Am I seeing things with Sam’s health? Dennis sees them too so I cant be imagining it… or are we both?!?
I am doubting everything I do and say these days and now we are once again without a neurologist….

I am at a loss for words right now…


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  1. You need a social worker or service coordinator or whatever it is called up there to help you navigate this system. My best support is a psychologist who helps me communicate with these medical types and problems without coming unglued. He has really helped keep me focused and sane. Not an easy task with all you have to handle. See if you can find someone like that and if you do have that type of support NOW Is the time to call them and ask for some help. OK? Hugs to you Jodi. I know it is hard. You are not imagining it…it's a struggle.

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