You’re not going to believe this…

Yes that is Samuel…

yes he is in a hospital… again
Yes it is an xray machine
No he is not there due to a seizure.
Well it is a funny story…. 
no not funny HaHa…
Funny as in OMGosh seriously!?
So here is the story:
Tuesday night we were at football practice (yes Sam is still participating with the team– he is helping with training and where ever else he can) He was playing catch with the quarterback — who broke his arm this summer in 2 places). Sam jumped up to catch a pass and he came down on a 1X1square inch pipe that is on the inside of the school track and he rolled on his ankle. Immediately Sam ankle swelled and it looked like a golf ball was under the skin of his ankle.  Another mom and I walked with Sam over to the hospital (ironically another player on the team was at the practice who had some crutches that Sam used).  By the time we were done with xrays and were seeing our doctor (we were lucky he was on call) the golf ball had grown to a tennis ball…
The doctor looked at the xrays and put Sams leg in a 1/2 cast. Sam had to use the crutches for a day and then use them only to help him put weight on the foot. If he was not able to put his full weight on it by Friday (which was yesterday) then we needed to go back to the doctor because it might be fractured. If he was able to put weight on it I was remove the 1/2 cast and rewrap the ankle with a tensor bandage. These are all the lovely colours of his ankle once we removed the cast….

It was not fractured!! YAY!


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  1. what that guy won't do for attention! lol Just kidding! HOpe his ankle is healing nicely – it sure looks purty!

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