seizures are not fun

5:56 am
9:52 am
4.40 pm
1 minute to 1.45+ minutes 
These were the times Samuel had seizures yesterday and for how long.
They started early in the morning at home and continued the rest of the day. 
They were full clonic tonic seizures just like before.
The change this time was there were 3 in less than 12 hours, he took longer to regain consciousness and he was throwing up the first 2.
Our family doctor got thru to our Winnipeg doctors and it was decided that Sam’s med’s would be increased (thankfully we had room to move there) and that only if he seizures again after this will we go to Winnipeg.
I think it started because of our Thursday trip to Brandon. We left before 7am – which is Sam’s morning time for med’s and I didn’t have any in my purse (not sure where the bottle went that was in there) so we had to wait til we got home to take them — and he did at 7. It was a quiet evening all round and everyone went to bed fine. But that missed med at 7am could have been the culprit. 
Then when the seizures started before 6 am and he started throwing up, there was no chance to get another dosage in to him. The nursing staff gave him some gravol to try to settle his stomach so we could get his meds and something for the massive headache he had — but the seizures continued. Even after he got his dose.
Just before 10 am he was sleeping in ICU and another one started. More vomiting, and longer to recover. So the doctor called to Wpg and got some advice. Next time he is to go to Health Sciences.
Fast forward to 4.40  pm and I am on the phone with Isaac — who is at home. I thot I would get him to pack some things into a bag for me incase we had to head to Wpg and as I am talking a nurse came to get me and tell me Sam was seizuring again. This time no vomiting (thankfully!) and a bit quicker recovery time.  Then Winnipeg decides to have Neepawa work with his med levels first (increase them) and if that doesn’t work then he will go to Winnipeg. 
I am not too sure how I feel at this point about this all. I understand that Winnipeg doctors will be doing the same thing there as they are here. My concern is if he continues on this seizure path how much more damage is happening to his brain? Each seizure is a bit more damage done to it. Our doctor says that the ‘only damage being done to the brain during the seizure is lack of oxygen’…. only…. not a real instiller of confidence at t his point for me…
So Dennis and I stay the night at the hospital in Neepawa and try to sleep. Both on edge and not really sleeping — but ready, in case we are awoken by Sam’s alarms going off that he is having another seizure. 
It is now 6am Saturday morning, trying to record it al for the blog…
… and my sanity…
I have been awake since before 5. 
I am tired. 
I feel grubby. 
I need a coffee and my book. 
I feel like I have been run over by a truck…. 
but Sam didn’t have any seizures so our night was good
I can see the sun making all the flowers and grass glisten in the garden behind the hospital… and I will take it and work to make it a wonderfully beautiful day.


  1. You are so right,seizures are not fun and it's a constant stress remembering doses and dosages of medications. Hopefully things will settle down and get back to normal soon. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Jodi, Is Sam a candidate for a Vegus Nerve Stimulator? It has helped Bill but not cured them. He did have a five hour status epilepticus seizure last week and was hsoptialized after being in for two weeks on a respirator with pneumomia again. Without the VNS he would not be doing as well as he is. His seizures are complex partial secondary to generalized…we try to keep him away from those grand mals if we can. It is hard and a challenge. I admire you and am here whenever you would like to talk. Or complain. Or cry. Fellow Caregiver.

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