Oak Leaves

Yesterday 10 local businesses accepted the Oak Leaves for Brain Injury Awareness! There are now over 300 TBI Awareness leaves waiting to find a shirt or jacket to be pinned too! I am going to take a minute to thank my Amazing Friend Jenn for not only taking this pic and emailing it to me (cuz I forgot to take some) BUT for also being a business that is a Brain Injury Awareness Supporter! She posted a pic of herself on FB wearing her leaf and it made me cry to see someone other than myself and my family wearing them. (I know the football team was wearing them but I never actually saw them — so I thank them too!)
 Each donation box is in the following businesses: Harris’ Pharmacy, Neepawa Pharmacy, Neepawa Furniture Centre, Gill & Schmall, Neepawa Curves, It’s Time, Chicken Delight, Neepawa Public Library, The Neepawa Banner and Beyond the Garden Gate. On Friday I will be meeting with Becky (nursing student from ACC who sent me the email) for lunch and to get started on getting leaves in Carberry too! I have a lead on the type of paper I need, now to find more in varying shades of green!

I am quite excited to get this going FULL STEAM! The more I am talking with local people who are either survivors or caregivers the more I want to get the word out there! We need to educate the public that BI’s are just as serious, as crippling, as debilitating, as DEADLY as cancer, MS, HIV…
It is hard to listen to family members talk about how they can’t find support to help them to help their loved ones.
One man and his wife told me over the phone the other evening about how their son (who was my age) committed suicide after living 5 years with a BI. I wanted to cry as he asked where I was getting my information from! Their son was only gone about 6 weeks when they phoned me…

We need to get more awareness and education about Brain Injury out to the public.


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