After yesterday presentation I had a few people come up and talk to me and ask for contact information. I honestly thot that they were just ‘being nice’. But this morning when i checked my emails I found this email in my inbox. It was a shock and I have to admit it brought me to tears. 
Dennis and I are not sure where GOd is taking us on this journey now — a shift to the right on the path or a continued direction that we are already going… but we will pray about this email and the offers that are in it and that were offered when I spoke to Becky after the presentation. 
Thank you Becky for the email and for the thotful help and blessings you have mentioned.

I just wanted you to know that I thought you did a great job with your presentation today. As I mentioned I lost my oldest son almost 6 years ago in a home accident so I can sympathize with you in a way that many cannot. I have always said that I wish that he hadn’t died even if he were brain damaged because at least I could still see him and hold him. Most people think that Im crazy to think that because in their opinion “Ethan” wouldn’t be “Ethan” anymore. I think that you are amazing in your ability to see Sam as the same kid he always was. You do this in a non-delusional way, seeing the changes but doing everything in your power to treat him like any other 16 year old. I think makes you an amazing Mom. I too have the guilty feelings when it comes to the way I am with my other children and am a self admitted “helecopter” parent. In our life experience how could we not be? I am however concerned that you are going to burn out. As a fellow farm wife I understand the demands it puts on a family and it is for this reason that I want to help you and your cause. I would do anything to have my child back and since I can’t I want a chance to help families who did get the second chance to get the resources and info needed as well as help other families from suffering the same fate. I find there is little help in Manitoba for any tragities involving children and felt very alone in grief and still do during my hard times.

I will understand if you feel this is a journey you need to make alone and will part by just congratulating you on a job well done. You have touched me in a way that I could never fully explain and I thank you for that.



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  1. Jodi,This is an interesting email. While Becky is right about you have to do it alone, you still also need others. Hang in there. Reach out to us when needed and know that you are truly in a family of caregivers who care. It does help to lighten the load. Keep up the good work and great writing. Becky, I am so sad for your loss. As the wife of a TBI from a nail gun shot, I understand your dilemma. God may know what is best for all of us. We will find out one day. Until then, we all keep loving. Caregiver at

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