ACC presentation

My presentation has now come and went! I was just a ‘bit’ nervous… LOL but once I got going… it was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! I so enjoyed sharing my journey with the students!

I had some epiphanies  on my drive in to Brandon, in regards to the activities I wanted to do so that they could get a ‘feel’ what it was like to be a survivor. So I used a few of Sam’s ‘issues’ and ran with them! I had 5 different snacks to try — but told the students they were to tell themselves that they were actually something else, and not to say anything. That was about the change in their ‘physical’ tastes… it was a bit difficult for them to make their brain work the way that a survivor does but they got the point.
Then I gave them directions to the bathroom… but not really. The wound up in the cafeteria. Even tho they knew where the washrooms were they were a bit confused and lost…

Then the last activity was that one person in each group was a ‘survivor’ and they had to read from a text book, but the rest of the group had the job of  distracting the ‘survivor’ by talking, being extremely close, singing, whatever they could do. This was to see how  and audio/visual sensory overload can affect a survivor. Then I asked if anyone retained what they read… no  one did.
Jenn (the teacher) asked me to come back and do my presentation again in February for the new students and I said sure! I will try to work on it and do a few changes.


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  1. Sounds like you did a fantastic job. I do presentations for The Meningitis Centre and I really enjoy getting out there and talking to people about our experiences.

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