The Facebook group that I created Canadians with Traumatic Brain Injuries just made the 100 members milestone!! I put a call out this week to get to this number and this morning when I was on FB I had a pleasant surprise! ONE HUNDRED members!! YAY! I am still encouraging please to join and invite friends since next month is Brain Injury Awareness month and we need to get more awareness and education out there about this! I keep thinking of that old Pert (I think it was Pert) shampoo commercial… She told 3 friends and they told 3 friends and they told 3 friends…  So please look for it on FB, and ask to join. (not too impressed with the new version of groups on FB… I cannot invite ppl to join my group…)

I have been busy this week not only working with Dennis and sorting and doing cattle stuff during the day but I have been trying to get out emails & phone calls to radio stations, tv stations (both local AND the biggies– CBC and CTV) the newspapers and friends and family about next Junes new ‘duty’ to educate people about BI’s. So far one local newspaper here is going to do ‘something’ for BI Awareness in June, the local access12 have invited me to do a coffee chat with Jim Cockburn about our family’s story and mine as a caregiver (that is May 31) and that 1hour episode will run 3times in June. I am speaking on June 3 to some nursing students at Assiniboine Community College about our story (I have yet tho to find someone to be my run thru sounding board on my presentation and I am less than a week away!!!! eeeek!). On Wed. next week we are in Winnipeg for an appointment for Sam we will be stopping in Manitoba Brain Injury Association (MBIA) to show my idea for BI awareness ‘pins’. ON their website there is an oak sapling and I am making small oak leaves to wear.  (I had this idea last year and when the new daffodils for cancer came out this spring — I thot– WOW I was on to something!!  I found a great paper punch that not only cuts out the leaf but embosses the veins of the leaf too! Dennis and I are willing to make them and put out the initial cost of them so that they can get circulating — even if it is just in Neepawa and area. (hey I gotta start somewhere!) I want to see if MBIA will want me to put out a jar for donations to go to them or just give them away.
I had a bit of an epiphany this morning as I made some… I had a few different shades of green and my thot was… put out the different shades for a couple of reasons:
1. it will be easier to buy packs of paper in different shades (and more cost effective then buying individual pieces)
2. every BI is different… they are all BI’s but all have a different story to tell! Soooo if there are 3-4 different colours it is in step with the survivors and caregivers!

Of course my hubby had to be the first to wear a leaf and is wearing it proudly…

I told him he grabbed one that I was going to throw out because I had ‘knicked’ the one part of the leaf… his response was “its ok, my brain is broken and so is the leaf“. Yesterday A few friends that own businesses in town said they would most definitely put a box of leaves in their business to help… they offered I never asked!! I was shocked and felt very grateful for them! I will keep y’all posted on what happens with the MBIA!  Please pray that they are as excited and open  to my idea!


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