New Year … New Challenges

for me this time!! I am going to be a writer blogger for Lash Publishing and Associates! I had gotten some  pamphlets from the conference in Dauphin back in May and had looked them up and found that they had blog postings and stuff on thier site… so I emailed and asked if I could get put on the list…and lo and behold if they didn’t get back to me and ask if I would like to write a ‘blurb’ sharing our story every month or so!
Sooooooooo… as of today it was official and I was ‘welcomed aboard’ to the Lash & Assoc. family!
This means that I will just be submitting a blog like article once or twice a month. I am quite excited to do this for a few reasons. One being maybe I can help someone else who is a caregiver to a survivor (I have experience with a few different levels of TBI), two it MAY just bring a bit more public awareness out about brain injury and three it may bring more traffic to my blog here that may help in both the first and second reasons!
I am also going to be working on doing more with my photography this year. Try to focus on something for me this yea and not so much revolving around everyone else. In the past few years I have really felt lost and not myself and it is time to get back to finding me and who I am before I am totally gone! So here is to the New Year and all the new and wondrous challenges that are ahead of all of us! Maybe once I am focusing on me a bit more I can see more of what is happening with Sam, Dennis and my dad!

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. This is wonderful news!!! Blog away!!!

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