My 30 day challenge — at Day 21

Something I wish I could forget… July 29, 2008
The day my second son Samuel was shot in the head with a .22
It was a total freak accident and he is doing amazingly
but I still wish I could forget
It is so still all encompassing and all consuming of our lives
And will be for the rest of it
This picture was taken on my cell phone about 4 days after
We had just moved to CK-3 ward
The left side of Sam’s face was still paralyzed
He was still very tired
We still thought we were in Winnipeg for a long haul
And when he gets really tired and stressed this lopsided smile will return
He doesn’t even remember this picture
And I can’t forget it
This picture stops my heart and makes my catch my breath and tears come so very readily
I can smell the hospital
I can hear the noises
I can feel the fear that was still in my heart that I may lose my baby
Then I usually look over at Sam now and it all disappears
And he is with us

This is from my other blog andinmycorner … it is a 30day  photo/life challenge. I found this picture the other day and realized I had never posted it here. So I decided share….


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