Patience is a virtue…

or so I am told– but the hard part is getting a teen to learn and realize it!

Sam is so irritated by not getting to play football until we see the doctor that I made an appointment with our regular doctor for Monday to see if he is good to go yet. He is ‘chompin’ at the bit to get out there and it is driving me crazy–I know it isn’t a far drive either!  We won’t be seeing the neurologist until mid Oct. and he is not willing to wait that long.

We will be starting our annual trips to the TBI meetings soon too (one more thing added to our weekly roster of running). I think we will be only going to the Dauphin meetings this year unless we have a reason for the Brandon ones — like being in Brandon on the day of it. It is just too much running and driving for me. I am so tired these days that I find my level of patience is wearing to onion skin thinness… ahhh the life of a mom! ☺

I am trying a few new ‘tricks of the trade [motherhood]’ with Sam and his memory for things and for his sleeping health. We are propping up his bed with cinder blocks to help him with the sleep issues (still nothing new on that front) and for keeping his room cleaner (dust, dirty laundry etc) I am going to give him an extra 15min. on the phone each night as an incentive. Yes we limit our kids time on the phone, and the computer, wii, etc. — meanies I know but in a house with 4 kids.. you figure it out.  So hopefully one or BOTH new ‘ideas’ will work!  (cross your fingers!)


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  1. busy busy busy! This too shall end. then you will wonder how you did it all! Thats the stage I am at now. LOL

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