Long time no update!

I know, I know… I havent posted on here in forever. I apologize and my excuse is that life got so busy and out of control, there was no time for sitting here and doing just this! And not that there is nothing to update… sigh… sorry.

Well first to back track a bit, the presentation I did went good I think. I rambled a bit but tried to stay on topic (but when talking about TBI sometimes it seems like I , myself have one, as there is sooooooo much information and things to share!) I intend to sit down this summer and write out a presentation — if for nothing else – for me to get things in order in my head.  There were not many parents at the meeting (maybe 6 in total) so it was easier to talk but when a few tears were starting to be seen I had a bit of trouble staying focused and not crying myself.

 In the month of June I made 1 trip to Winnipeg with Josh and Sam and one with Sam and Dennis. The first one was so that Sam could meet with Dr. MacDonald and have a consult on a surgery for having a plate ‘put in’ to cover over the ‘hole’– we are really hoping that this will be done this summer. (and it is looking like it could very well BE done this summer!!) It was all Sam with this. He came to me one day this spring and asked if we could talk and then he told me why. He wants it done because kids at school (some of his best friends too) will stare at the scar and watch his heart beating, they want to touch the area still, just being curious teens but it really bothers him. I told him that it was a good enough reason, since HE was the one who has to live with this. Sam also likes to have his hair very short– he ALWAYS has and now he keeps it longer (not good for cadets) and it irritates him. Dr.MacDonald said the same thing I told Sam and then Sam had a few days to think about the risks and whatnot but in the end did decide to go ahead with it. So we will have another trip into the city for a few days while he has this done. (AND our awesome TBI co-ordinator Gail, is going to be sending a letter to the Ron. MacDon. House to try to get us in there again since it is going to be a serious surgery– I love her! She knows the financial drain that TBI’s can cost a family and a week in a hotel would put almost anyone in the por house!☺)

The next day in Winnipeg (cuz this was a 2 day trip) was for Josh to get his tailbone fixed. He had to go in for a day procedure and they manipulated it back into place–but it didn’t “CLICK” back, so it is a bit of a floppy joint. Joshua’s job until the end of July is to keep an eye on the pain and discomfort. If it doesn’t get any better OR gets worse when we go back in to see Dr.Jellicoe, he will be refered to spinal surgeon to have the bone removed.

The following week, I was back in the city with Sam (and Dennis) to see Dr. Goldberg. We filled him in on what was happening with Dr. MacDonald, with things at home (sleep, school, headaches etc). We are still having issues with Sam’s sleeping. He has periods doesn’t sleep well at night — waking up a lot, not being able to sleep. We have gone to a sleep clinic but the results from it were that all was normal… LOL … normal. There is quite a tory behind THAT fiasco of a visit — but to keep it short, it was not a ‘normal’ sleep night or a ‘routine’ set up for the sleep lab. So our dr. has been trying since then (that was in Dec. ’08) to get him back in for another appointment but they wont answer his letters OR his phone calls! Sooooooooo… Dr. Goldberg is going to first send Sam to an ENT to check out his sinus passages (I apparently have extremely narrow passages — so maybe he has inherited it from me) and see if there is anything there that is causing him trouble. From that appt. they can ither A.) fix the sinuses (and possibly result in sam sleeping better) or B.) get him into the sleep lab faster (apparently this dr. can work miracles with the sleep clinic!) Either way, we are hoping for a bit of news on the sleep front! If Sam can get better sleep at night that is 1/2 the battle with him. Fatigue is not so much an issue, he can deal with things better (who doesn’t), he will be able to function in most areas better if he is sleeping!!

This might all be sorted out this summer to as Dr. Goldberg wants it done before Sam sees Dr. MacDonald for the surgery, BUT Sam is gone for most of July to Air Cadet Training in Penhold, Alberta. He leaves July 9 and isn’t back until the 23… so there might be another extremely busy month for us.

Both Josh and Sam were on the football team for the spring league and I actually got a great picture of the 2 of them in their uniforms at the last game! And this is the picture of Josh on Saturday, June 19th. My baby turned 16 and he got his first truck(a gift from my mom). It needs a lot of work but he loved it! It is a Ford F68–not too sure on the year but it is a beaut! Can’t wait for him to get it running!


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