The News Article on Sam

Well here it is — as ‘promised’.  I couldn’t figure out how to put the .pdf file right on the blog, so you will need to go thru the link.

sams press article

It was mostly right, but where it was ‘wrong’ was dates for the TBI conference (and I will get some info from that on here as soon as I have time to not only  get it on the ‘page’ but to also gather my thots and proof read it first so I am sure (HA! as sure as I am about anything these days) it isn’t blathering…)

Enjoy the article! My favorite part of it (other than the great picture of Sammi!) is that it is written so simply.  Whether it was meant to be that way or not, I thot it was great considering it was an article about Brain Injury and it wasn’t filled with a bunch of ‘mumbo jumbo lingo’.


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