Hear that!? yep… quiet, peace and quiet — well almost. After almost 2 weeks of having kids at my side (sickness the week before March Break and then the actual March Break) my house is finally my own domain again!  Well, almost… Dennis is home and will be from now on. He has applied for a leave of absence at the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and will be working for my mom on the farm here (here being our house) on the cow calf operation. He doesn’t officially start until after the 9th of April, but  he had some time off coming to him for work so he took it.  We will be spending time this week doing yard work, getting sheep ready for spring and hopefully a few finishing touches with the house renos.

Dennis being home now more will mean a new learning curve for us all again. He will be here in the morning with the kids as they get ready for school, he will be home (or at least near by) when they get home from school. He has already informed me that if it can be worked out he will drive the kids to the bus in the mornings for me(sigh… this is why I ♥ him!)  The kids are all fairly excited about this.

This also means that maybe my mornings with sam will not be as ARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH as there will be 2 of us to work with him! The last 2 weeks have been so draining for me. (when I think how tired both physically and emotionally for me I can’t imagine how they are for Sam) He has been fairly sick with first the flu for 4.5 days and then it turned to a cold into his chest. So he was clingy, a bit whiney and just over all in a bit of a regressed state. Even tho we work hard to keep the kids in a routine over the holidays, it is still not our usual routine and it seems to stress him out after a few days. So I am very happy that today is back to school!!!!

This will be the first week for Sam to go ALL 5 days this week too. He will go Mon-Fri and then next week he will take the Wed. off in hopes of getting him back into full-time school. We are supposed to try it (crossing our fingers here) and if it is needed for a day off we will just take it– but it will have to be a good reason to take a day before next Wed. Sam’s inspiration for 5 day school week is football season. He has to be back to full-time before the spring league starts so he can play. (our rules not the school). He has been working out to work toward this and as soon as the weather co-operates he and Josh will be out running with Dennis in the mornings or after school to start training.

I have been busy trying to get the TBI conference ‘out there’ in the public but it seems that (I hate to say this) if it isn’t cancer related people just aren’t interested! No matter the information and statistics that you give people they just don’t care. I had given my info for the conference to our local papers but neither of them have run the PSA’s that I have seen!  I will be contacting them today to see what they are planning to do with them– as there may be people wanting to REGISTER for this conference and need to know about it BEFORE it is over!  I am getting to a point where it feels like I need to be more aggressive about this, but I worry that if I get to ‘forward’ I will get emotional about it all and then look like an idiot as I try to advocate for something while crying my heart out…


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