Boy oh Boy! When you go to bed at 11 and are up at 5 the night just doesn’t seem long enough!! Dennis and I took Sam to the Brandon meeting last night and had a good talk on the way home with him. He really enjoys going and learning that he isnt alone in this– that there are others out there that ‘get him’! There was a discussion about the P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevention for Alcohol Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) (please click on link to see the idea behind this AWESOME program!!!!) and that it is going to be in Brandon and one of the caregivers thought that it would be awesome for Sam to be one of the survivors to speak to the teens of what it is like to survive AND live with a TBI since he is closer  to their age.  We had talked to him about it but at this time it is too early for him to talk about it. He needs to learn to live with it himself before he shares his story to strangers. But I asked him to think about it for something to maybe do in the future.

We only have 2 Wednesdays left of Sam being at home!! YAY we are both excited about this!! Sam is really tired of being at home (or maybe just tired of me or not seeing his girlfriend… lol who knows– but I am willing to put money on both!☺) I have spent more time with him than probably all the other kids…so it is coming to be a time to start making more them. I have always tried to spend time with each of them each week just one on one, but lately with Sam and the moving to the new place and Dennis being in town with who ever had a sport or activity (which had me here doing battle with homework, the house and chores) I was tired both physically and emotionally. I have to be honest here and say that there have been times where I would tell a child I was too tired to play a board game, read a book or even just talk. (man what a way to win bad mommy of the year!)  But now it is time to get back on track and get back to basics with all the kids individually and as a family, for some fun stuff!

On a quick side note of Praise… after I posted on the blog yesterday (about an hour and a half later) I got 3 (yes that is THREE) emails from teachers! When I sent this email out this week, I asked for school work and I commented how we were grateful for their help with Sam and that we really notice a difference in him and his work when we are able to keep him organized! So whether the ‘thanks’ was it or whatever, I was so happy to see them hit my inbox!


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