New Address

Yes, I have moved the blog! I was not happy with what I could do at our  ‘old’ place and I like the way that WordPress gives me more options! (just what I need!)

Well I am soooooooooooo happy to announce that our house in Neepawa is SOLD! YAY! Thank you God for sending the right people to buy our home at the time You felt was best! (I am in that hindsight frame of mind right now… ☺) So in a way the new address is for more than the blog!

Tonight we are off to another TBI meeting. This is the one in Brandon that Sam likes, but the real reason for us going is so I can share the information on the TBI Conference in April. We will take Sam to these meetings once in a while but due to distance and the fact that we feel that he will get more out of the Dauphin group once he gets more comfortable with them we will go to the Dauphin meetings more regular.

I have busy, busy again last week getting things in order for what I need to do to help with the  awareness for the conference. I have a few people in mind to talk to and see about things, I have many posters made to put up, brochures to hand out and people to talk too! I can’t wait til Thursday when I am going to town to do this! (i have spoken to most of these people already … but just getting out and face to face spreading the word of TBI awareness… thrilling.

I sent out my emails this morning too, to teachers about Sam’s weekly school work and so far no replies to the email.  I was told by the school division to send the emails to the teachers, that they would reply fairly quickly. I know it is only Monday afternoon but I sent out emails last Monday and really only got one reply. I put a read receipt on the emails and very few of them have come back either\(or an acknowledgement that they read the email!!!)… So I will wait and see this week, then I will go to the next step (not too sure what all that is right now tho)


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