Simply amazing…

God is still working His miracles and amazing me! We have been praying to find support for not only Sam and other survivors but also for us as caregivers and BAM! Yesterday I found a site (cant even remember where it was) that had a phone number on it for a TBi group in Dauphin. I called today and almost an hour later not only had a date and time for meetings (that meet together then split into survivor and caregiver groups) but also has an upcoming conference on TBI, and many people who are really adovating for more TBI awareness and support!!!!! Can you see me smiling!? ☺ I am so excited about this!  We still havent heard if tonights group is meeting and I think we will go to it to see what it is about too but there is now OPTIONS for where we want to go!
Myra (the Dauphin lady I spoke to) asked me if I would be interested in doing some phoning around our area to the local papers and MLA and when I did– one of the papers will not only do a write up on it but wants to do a follow up on Sam to tie it all together! (this is the other local paper– not the one that did the first write up on him!)
WOW– God you are amazing and I love how you can take a prayer and not only answer it but knock me on my butt with that answer! You are an awesome God. Thank you so much for ALL the ‘little’ prayers you answered in the few phone calls I made today…

I am speechless …. I know– I know — I know… now you are amazed! lol


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  1. That's great news Jodi! You speechless? ……never …till now ***grin***

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