Small scare…

We have been sick here in the Ginter household and when I say ‘we’ I mean Dennis, Josh, Sam and now Isaac is getting sick too!
But last night we had a bit of a worry/scare. Sam’s temperature didnt seem to want to come down after tylenol, 2 cool showers, and some ice… after a few hours we got him to a ‘lukewarm’ stage and I was able to not stress about it. If Sam’s temperature gets too high or won’t come down we are to take him to the hospital and if he gets any symptoms of the H1N1 we are to go in immeadiately. (no we are not taking the shots– there is just not enough ‘backup’ on the vaccine for us to warrant injecting our children with it where as the Tamiflu has a proven track record…)
But we got his temperature down finally with a cool shower and ice on the back of his neck. When I went to check on him last night before bed he was still a bit warm but not hot like he was before, so we will have to see how he is this morning when he gets up. I didnt sleep too well last night as I was worried about him and Josh, so today there may  be a nap in my future!

Change of plans this morning… as Sam woke up he was still quite fevered so we took him into the hospital as a procaution. GOod news tho, no H1N1 for our house!!!! BUt he is sick and will be home for at least a day or two. Still have to watch the fever but I think with  few rest days he will be fine. whew…


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  1. Wow, I hope you all get better soon! Glad Sam is okay… I too have not had the vaccine – my work decided not to give it out and I now have to go to a clinic – I am considered high risk (asthma) but as long as I don't try and clean my house I stay pretty healthy! LOLOh, and the comment DD made to DH about the truck… he said it wasn't a very comforting thought but he laughed. Amazing how much laughter can destress one self.

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