Busy Week

Well we gave sam his ipod last night and he was pretty excited about it all… no kidding! lol So hopefully it will do some good for the last few weeks of school. Dennis and I are hoping to find out who his teachers are for next year sooner rather than later so we can talk with them and give them the info we were given from Wpg so they have the summer to digest it and maybe come up with some ideas that can work for us all. Please pray for them to understand and hear what we are trying to show them!
I am praying about the new endeavour with the TBI social network. I want to be sure that this is something that God is wanting me to do. It seems like it might be but before i go jumping into it I need to be sure… so prayers on that front would also be welcome.
I got a phone call yesterday from the GI Unit in Brandon and on Thursday I go in for a gastroscopy at 12.30. I am nervous about it and a bit worried… not particular reason.. just am. I am trying to give it to Him so I am not so stressed about it.
we got a letter yesterday from Winnipeg for Sam. He will be gonig in soon for another psych eval. just a matter of when now…. busy busy busy!
Samuel was in the other local paper this week! It was a cadet photo and he was in the middle and looked so good! i am going to stop in there today and get a copy of it emailed to me so I can post it on here.
I am not sure what is exactly on my mind or my heart these days that is making me feel so emotional. it is most likely a combination of everything but i feel like crying at the stupidest things lately. happy songs, sad ones, commercials, just sitting, doing laundry, driving…. typing on here…. like right now… i just cant explain why. and i hate it…
thank you for all the encouraging words that were posted on the blog a few days ago. they made my day (and the crying began… 🙂 ) I love to write on here but some days i wonder if what i write makes any sense to anyone but me! lol I try to be as honest as i can without sounds like a complete nerd or twit… but somedays i miss that target completely i am sure! But thank you to all of you that posted and to everyone who reads but doesnt post! I apreciate the comments and please feel free to leave as many as you want! I love to hear from people! (I even allow annonymus commentors if you dont have accounts to post otherwise!)
God Bless you all!



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  2. Sue

    Jodi,I am sending prayers up for strength and good health for you. Be kind to yourself – your emotions are normal. I am happy to read that you allow yourself to have these moments. We have a web site for fundraising that I thought I would share with you. http://www.familiesagainstbi.com – this site is for tbi awareness and We are trying to help continue to raise money for our local children’s hospital neuro rehab unit. Prayers on the way.

  3. Thanks Sue… I have added it to my TBI sites to visit!Thanks for the prayers.

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