Exciting news all over!

First and foremost! Sam is the middle cadet in the front row AND Sam is going to Cadet camp in Penhold, Alberta!! We are so excited ( i am extremely excited for him but also nervous– he will be 2 whole provinces away from us if he has any problems…) Dennis and I were driving home on Wed, and were just saying how we need to find out when camp was so that Sam could be packed just in case he got a last minute call to go– then we were home for all of 10 minutes and the phone rang!! It was one of the CO’s calling to say that Sam was accepted AND he is going with his best friend!! WHOO HOO boys!
THEN!!!! Last night at the cadet annual– Samuel not only got an honour roll award– but he was promoted to Flight Corpral!!! That makes 2 — YES 2 promotions in one year!! We were so proud of him. the night ended on a bit of a low note when once the festivities were all said and done, Sam started to feel ill and pale. I watched him during the ceremonies and saw that he was swaying, and tried to get his eye to motion for him to sit, but no go. He was fatigued and over heating– so we got him outside to cool down and then we got him home to rest. We will see how he is this morning. It was interesting to see how the grandparents reacted to Sam’s ‘spell’ and they all assumed it came down to the heat of the room–so i dont think they quite got that this is normal for us… sigh
I have a doctor app tonight for me– albert (my ulcer) is back with avengence and the meds arent keeping me comfortable anymore. I have been gaining weight (not good when i am wanting to lose!!!) even tho i have been watching my calorie intake, exercising and drinking my water! sigh– good thing i have a few things to cheer me up. Like Sam’s promotion and camp and —-> follow me and find out!!

Well today is my last day at work (and when i say work i mean the paying kind…) and i am excited to be staying home but i will miss my job. I love the work that i do and getting to deal with people and computers but i know that this is the right thing for our family. i have some “big” plans for our summer and what the kids and i are going to do! (wath this space for our summer fun!lol) But i will be busy too with computer stuff — so i will still have the best of both worlds… let me explain why (no not hours on end on FACEBOOK–lol)

I am on 2 TBI social netowrking sites WEARETBI and learningtoliveversiontwopointzero. these are aweseom sites for support for not only survivors but for care givers too! I have made a few friends that have been great encouragers for us! Well i got an email from the lady that is the administrator for The learningtolivewersiontwopointzero and she asked if i would be interested in starting another one for Canadians! it isnt a paying gig or anything but it is an excecllent way to get more awareness out there for ppl and support to families. i need to do a few things for it first (first one is to think of a name…)and then we will get it up and running! I thot it was a great idea especially since….

the day before the email, we had a phone call from a local lady who has a son with a brain injury (he is grown) and she gave me the name of a couple that have a group for parents of TBI and is going to arrange for them to visit with me. they have a group but due to the distance that everyone lives from each other they dont actually meet too often. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my thot was if i can get this social networking site up and running this would be a great way for them to still remain connected and get the support that is needed.
whew… this has been alot of typing so early in the morning!
I was going to delete this blog and just forget about it as i am not sure who all is reading (if any really) then the call about the networking site, the call about the group and then i had a post from a mom in the US and how they have a son with a TBI and i decided to leave it for now. if i get to a time that it becomes unnecessary for me to type out my blatherings i am sure God will give me my proverbial ear flicking and that will be it! But for now it is almost theraputic for me and hopefully educational or at least amuzing to others!


  1. Jodi- Good for you! First of all I know how hard it is to balance being a work from home Mom. I am sure the decision to quit was a difficult one! (the outlet is the best for me) Secondly awesome news about the new brain injury site. I am sure it will help a lot of people stay connected and get some amazing support!! You Go Girl!!PS: Hope your ulcer gets better!! xo

  2. Sue

    Jodi,Need to start this with a high five for Sam that is awesome that he gets to go to camp. Also a congrats on the TBI site I wish you luck in getting that all set up. I found your site just searching other blogger sites for brain injury and it was a relief to read as I thought I was losing my mind in regards to my son’s fatigue level. Doctors just say “yeah we know it is a problem” and not much more. I hope you keep your site up as I am sure that as more parents are out there looking for answers will come across it as I have.

  3. congrats on the good news. I am so excited for you getting to be involved in the TBI deal. I realize Sid had a stroke, but the aftermath is much the same in many areas. So please don’t overanalyze your posts. sometimes when the words are flowing I think it is a way for God to speak to us. So it may seem unimportant to you, but to someone else it may be the one thing they needed to hear for encouragement or some other reason.

  4. Jodi – you are truly an inspiration in all categories! Keep up the postings!Congrats to Sam that is awesome with his awards and promotions.congrats to you and the TBI site – you are helping ppl realize they are not alone in this and even if you don’t realize it you are a great support.You underestimate the positive power of yourself and your words – as the last gal said “don’t overanalyse your posts”

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