Spring is here… i think

We are supposed to get to 23* today. SO maybe, just maybe…. spring is here. We are going to plant out our transplants for the garden and I am going to get my flowers into the half barrels done. I might even just post a picture or two if i can remember! lol

We thot we would plant the plants (is that a double negative or entandre? lol) today since there is no frost in the future (we are beleiving the weather guys here) and they need to get into soil. They are going to either die in the shop (where surprisingly there is no sun…) or out in the garden (where today it looks like there MIGHT be some sun…) Time will tell if it is spring or not i guess… cuz the calendar sure isnt!

Today Sam and I are at the church for the morning with a funeral doing the sound system, Dennis and Ike are at home working on the gardening stuff, Josh is sick with the flu (yes — it has struck our house again) and Hannah is at a friends house for an overnight. Tomorrow we are just as busy with getting Sam off to cadets for a trip to Brandon to go gliding — in a plane, at 7.30 AM… sigh apparently another early morning for us.

The puppies are all growing and eating and sleeping and pooping– yuck so that is almost a full time job just keeping the papers changed! Dixi isnt feeding them as much now that we have them eating softened food. I think she is waiting for them to leave so she can have her life back! lol They will be able to go to homes the first week of June — so not much longer now!

I went for a dentist appointment yesterday for my wisdom teeth. Well more the gum over the teeth that have erupted (2 bottom ones) and the dentist discovered that the reason they are not fully erupting is that my jaw bone is over the edges of them! So now I am having to go to Wpg. for dental surgery. Good news about this tho is that it will be a 2 day trip. Day one will be xrays and stuff and the next day will be the surgery– so no driving back and forth! AND hopefully it will be soon!

oh we ordered the itouch for Sam. It will be here next week. So i will play with it for the first bit and get it setup with is music and alarms, then we will give it to him. So we will see if it does anything for mankind…



  1. Sue

    Hi,Just wanted to say that I found your blog and unfortunately we are going through some of the same issues. Our son had a TBI and we can’t get a handle on the fatigue/headaches/weight either. We are almost 2 years out of his injury and the only thing that seems to help is the medication called provigil but it seems to be losing it’s effect and it makes it more difficult to gain weight. Doctors try to help but for the most part have no answers. I wish your family luck – Sue

  2. Thank you Sue. I would be interested in talking to you more if you check back in! Good luck to you and your family also and God Bless!

  3. Sue

    That would be great – I am still trying to go through your site to get all caught up. One of the things that we just recently found out was that my son’s vision was affected. Yes it took that 18 months to figure this out. They are thinking that this is one reason for his fatigue and headaches. So if they haven’t done a full eye exam I would suggest it. My son kept saying his vision wasn’t an issue but after having the complete test – testing for accommodation(focusing), convergence (eyes working together). We are starting vision therapy and he has to wear bifocals. Has it helped – not sure yet. They also placed him in a research study for endocrine issues after a tbi. From this study we found out that his pituitary gland was damage so he is now on medication to help with his hormone levels. Which if they are off can cause the mood changes,weight lost and sleep issues. If you would like to read his story please go to carepages.com and type in gregpage. OK now I am going to go back to reading.

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