to ipod or not to ipod

We are trying to find ways to help sam with his memory and organizational skills and have discovered that PDA’s are basically a thing of the past and the “new thing” is (so everyone tells us) is to just get him a cell phone– well NOT! First of all he doesnt NEED a cell phone and secondly– that is jutanother monthly expense that is not needed in our house!
So here is our idea… Sam needs something with multiple alarms so that we can set alarms for each class mid way (so that he is reminded to take a break and go for a walk — here is where we would make a few different play lists of songs so he can listen to one and when it is over that would be his ‘signal’ to return to class), an alarm that goes off at the end of class to remind him to write down his homework, an alarm to remind him of other things that may be needed through out the day. Also something that would be able to hold his books that will be on MP3.
A watch was not really an option as he would still have to carry an MP3 and if he has too carry or look after too mant hings something is bound to be lost or forgotten.
Dennis and i think the best idea for him will be this beautiful little piece of equipment —–>
an ipod touch!!! we priced them out today and to say the least… ouch! $250.00!! We looked at a refurbished one from itunes store but to save $50.00 and not get the same warranty… is it worth it?
I need to find someone that has one so we can see what all it can actually do and how loud the alarm is and allthe ins and outs of it. most of the sales people today told us it was quite similar to the iphone— but there is still differences from what we found.
it would be nice to get him one now so he can use it for the rest of the school year but how do you justify one if you dont know if it will work? and if we can justify it… where do you find the extra $$ to buy one?!
sigh…. maybe i will win the lotto this week … LOL



  1. Jodi anyone that I know who has an ipod touch and an iphone love them – believe me – your son will have fun figuring out everything that the ipod does. (and so will you!) My son has begged for one (both actually) – if he had the same issues as your son we would probably go for it. Another thing… your son will feel so “in” and may get a few more friends along the way!Good luck!

  2. clarifying my comment – my son wants one or the other. hehe

  3. LOL thanks Marianne… i think we are pretty much sold on one– just(green eyed monster ahead) i wanted one and now i have to wait! … sigh the sacrifices a mom makes for her kids eh. lol

  4. Do you know anyone, say at church, that would be willing to loan you one for the rest of the school year, so you know if the expense is justified for next year? I’m not a big fan of borrowing as a rule, but under these circumstances, it may be a good option?

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