on the peak. Last seen at the Manitoba Museum yesterday in the ‘school coat check’ area. This hat was a special gift to Sam from a dear friend and it only increased in value when we were at the “Banjo Bowl” of 2008 and Sam was able to see his favorite team play AND he got it signed!
(just a side note– RIDERS WON!!!!!!)
I have called the museum and they have looked for it but apparently it isnt there. Sam is just a bit upset so i might see if i can get a hold of the team and ask if i send my hat if they can sign it for him….they might, you never know…
but in the mean time– if you happen to see a hat that looks like this… dont snatch it and run, ask if they found it and explain the story of the hat to them… maybe direct them to the blog and the posting of the football game in Sept’08… maybe they will return it!

thank you now back to my usual ranting….


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