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Sam weighed in yesterday and is still only 101 lbs. i am worried about him. he isnt sleeping well, he is not gaining weight, he seems ok but not really…. maybe just a bit off (if that makes any sense). he eats but not enough, so i wonder if he is stressing about something. i know he cant gain it all back over night but after 5 months you would think he would be a bit heavier. we have a dr. appt on thursday and i will talk to the doctor about it.
We all sat down the other night and talked about the summer and fall we had and what their reactions and feelings were to it all … they all sat stone faced and quiet… not saying anything… it made my heart hurt. so ddennis and i started with what we thought and felt thinking it may get them started… no… nothing really came out of anyone, withthe exception of hannah. we dragged it out of her that she is scared to leave us incase something else should happen–something bad… i know that is a normal reaction to stress with kids,but is was hard to hear. but we had to explain that we need to start talking or else we are going to go to see someone to help us deal with the trauma an stress we have been and are still living with… again -nothing. dennis and i are going to try it again once a week for a few weeks and see what happens, if anyone wants to talk. i hope so because at this point i am running out of ideas.
i am finding that my stomach issues are NOT geting any better (note to self- talk to dr about THAT too on thurs). It is to the point that i am being woke up in the middle of the night by Albert (my ulcer) and/or my acid reflux. I am cutting foods out of my diet, taking my meds but nothing is helping and it is to the point where i am always uncomfortable…. if its not one thing it is another.
i am also finding the constant educating of people to brain injury exhausting. especially since dennis and i are both learning alot on a daily basis ourselves! no one day is the same in our house these days it seems. no one episode is the same as the last. we are constantly on alert with sam for signs of tiredness, irritability, childish behaviour and when it appears it needs to be split second disected “is this because he is tired, hungry, confused? is it because of the accident or because he is a teen?how do we approach this one?” it is hard to talk to other parents about issues because i am always wondering if i am whining about a common parental problem or is it something that is totally foreign to them. then add in there the other 3 kids with their own issues… i am always open to suggestions if anyone has any… what would YOU do if it were you?


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  1. about your acid reflux – I get that too – its brutal. I have cut some foods out; try not to go to bed with food on your stomach; don’t even drink water too close to bed time. You may already know this or tried this but for the most part (not all the time) it seems to be working for me. As for Sam, phew, thats a tough one. A lot of what you say is coming from an adjusting teenager – poor guy has a double whammy.

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