Sam’s Surprise Party

We were actually able to pull of the BEST surprise for Sam! We had a surprise party for him on the last day of school before Christmas break! I picked up all his friends from school and then Dennis had Sam in the shop “finishing Grandpa and Grandma’s Christmas present” while I filed them all into the house.Dennis then sent Sam into the house for fishing line… and there were his friends! They are such an awesome bunch of kids! They were all so excited for him and they seemed to have fun playing the wii — Boogie (Karaoke game) and Dance Dance Revolution!

This Christmas season was busy for us all and Sam is showing the signs now of his exhaustion. When Hannah took some pictures of us all on the 27th Sammi was back to a 1/2 smile… the left side was too tired to smile. So we have been at home trying hard to get him back into a relaxing and “stress free” life.

It was hard to see how hard he worked to keep up with the other kids at the farm on Boxing Day. He was outside for about 5 hours with the kids building a snow fort and when he came back in he was so tired but in order to keep up with everyone else he let his mouth run off and get himself into trouble. But Dennis and I understood what was happening — unfortunately others didnt and there were thoughts that he was being disrespectful and a trouble maker…. sigh… lets just say that the “mother bear” was having a hard time trying to hold her tongue!I can fractionally understand how tired Sam is most days, since I find it emotionally draining and physically exhausting to try to keep up with his moods and tiredness! If I am feeling this– then — what does this boy go thru on a daily basis!? I am just surprised tho at the reaction of family members to his coping skills — I had hoped that they might try to be a bit more understanding and not see everything as “bad behaviour” and see it from his perspective. Maybe I expect too much from people?

I pray that 2009 is a year filled with healing for Sam. He is still so far from where he used to be, but so much farther from where the doctors thought he would be! Praise God!


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