Sam and I were in Winnipeg on Thursday night for the sleep clinic. I found it amusing to call it a sleep clinic when that is the last thing that a person does! Ok well the last thing that I did. The whole process was over and we were “finalized” and ready for “sleep” aka bed by 10.30 pm– so a half hour of trying to watch a movie (we never got to see the end of it –or the beginning for that matter due to Sam getting hooked up to machines– since i turned out the lights at 11 and sent him off to la-la-land) As you can see from the pictures… Sam had a nice normal bed– i had a chair that folded into a “bed”… sleep was a low commodity i tell ya.

We were supposed to be “kicked out” at 6 am but since we got such a late start with sleep and the tech’s were waiting for the respirology lab to send up someone to do oxygen level tests on Sam’s blood Sam was able to sleep in until 6.45 and the booted us out at 7.00 instead!
We were told that he had no episodes through out the night– which is good but also kind of bad in the fact that if he doesnt have sleep apnea then why is he so tired and sore when he sleeps at night…does this mean we are going to have to have more testing done? So basically we are at square one again…stay tuned to this blog for future updates… (LOL I crack me up… i know i know i need to get some better material…)
So as for now until we hear more from the doctor we know no more than we did before we had our sleep over. I really hope that there are some answers to why Sam is so tired and sore all the time. Poor kid– some mornings I would LOVE to send him back to bed…then follow suit by crawling back into my own!


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