Yes, my men of the house are hunting– muzzle loading. I am not having a good time with this. I know that they will be with Dad, but it still makes my stomach flip flop and nauseous. Also, on Sunday the .22 came home, i was unaware of this and when i picked up the gun (just not thinking) i walked to the house and loked down and saw what i was holding. It hadnt been cleaned… my heart dropped and i literally thought i was going to throw up OR pass out. When i got into the house (I was trying to not too make a scene since kids were around…) i feel against the wall and started to shake. I dont want it in the house. It is just makes me cry… then Dennis, Josh and Sam headed out last night after school to go hunting…it was a very long few hours til they came back…too long for my liking.
Sam didnt go out today because of the rain and he is tired from starting full days at school yesterday.(I am very happy about this!)
Yes Sam started full says yesterday and it so far is going well. He was in bed early last night and I am going to take a wild guess on this one and I bet he will be there each night this week until he gets into the groove of it all.

Our trip to Toronto was fabulous! We relaxed even tho we were on the run all the time! We had a great time visiting with family in Paris on Thanksgiving, and we had an awesome time with friends in Cobourg, Uxbridge and Toronto! It was just what we needed.
The kids and Grandma all fared fairly well, with the exception that kids are mean. Josh has been having some trouble with bullies at school. One kid in particular decided to take it upon himself last week to talk to Josh about “going home and shooting his brother in the head”… This child is not working alone tho, which makes me worry about what else has been said to him that Josh is not telling us. As it was Josh and this boy got into a fight (the boy hit Josh and according to Josh’s friend Josh cocked his arm back to pound the kid and didnt. He just dropped his arm and said that the kid wasnt worth it!) I was proud of him for not giving into the (I will use this word ‘tongue in cheek’) pleasure of beating this kid up! But like i said, it makes me wonder what else has been said to him and what other weights of the world are on his shoulders?! He is not a talker and wont say if there has been other instances of smart-alec remarks. The incident was dealt with at the school and by the school (since we were away) and I felt that they handled it great…i just hope that this kids’ parents are aware of how the thoughtless words had affected not only Josh but his friends (that are tired of the “Crap that keeps being said to Josh” direct quote) It also makes me wonder if Sam has had to deal with any of it. He used to tell me everything but these days he tends to be a bit more subdued about things, like he is trying hard to not tell me things in order to protect me or not stress me out.
It is now time to come back from our holiday and back to reality… I am homesick for ONT and would love to pack up ad move to there or anywhere that people dont know the summer we have had and my kids could go back to being regular teens… if only…


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