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I have been trying for a few days to get this pdf file printed so i can give it to family members, and friends– but it is 117 pages (not all those pages are needed) so i thought i would post the link here and those (if any) are reading this blog and are interested in learning a bit about what we are and could be heading toward i have added this link…

I am trying to compile a few good sites that are easy to read and understand and i want to add them to the layout for easier reference for people (and yes for me… since i seem to be losing more and more of my thought process these days!)
My goal is to find a site that have the mild TBI (traumatic Brain Injury) symptoms, as some sites have all the gamits of possiblities and it can be EXTREMELY overwhelming and a tad bit scary to read and try to process.

I am going to fill a few people in on things as i have had a few questions about how I am coping with it all. First of all, Aug 4 was the 12 th ‘anniversary’ of my dad’s ‘accident’ (he was beaten up and left a paraplegic and severely brain damaged) So my family has had a bit of experience with TBI. When i was in college I decided to delve farther in to TBI and how and what happens to people and families that are SURVIVING it, i wrote my major paper on it and learned copious amounts of information that really helped me to understand what the doctors and nurses were talking about (medications, therapy, prognosis’…) I am not saying i am an expert on TBI’s but i have a fairly extensive insight and knowledge to what can be the ‘worst case scenario’ (short of the obvious). I truly believe that we were being prepared for this with our last 12 yrs. Although, in spite of all this knowledge, i still worry and am scared about stuff ( i have an ulcer named Arnold that can testify to this!) I try to not do either, but I have discovered i am NOT Supermom… i am human and fall to the same tempations and issues with said humanness as rothers do… (sure wish my super powers would magically appear tho most days)

Just a blurp that might bring a smile to a face today… Anyone who knows Sammi will know what i am talking about with his sense of humour…
I was scared as we drove to Winnipeg and all the pennies started falling(this will be another posting for a different day when i am able to type it out without getting too emotional) and I was praying to God, but once i walked into the hospital and I saw my son laying there and his first very quiet words to me were ” mom…. i think Josh $h!t his shorts” i knew that we were going to be on the up swing of the ball this time around. God was letting me keep my son and Sam was going to keep his (now more warped) sense of humour.

Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event,
deal with it and then move on.
~Bob Newhart~

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  1. Jodi – I think a lot of us are still reading, but somehow words fail us when we try to comprehend all you are going through. I am continuously amazed by you and your family and absolutely believe that God has a plan for you all. Praying for continued strength (and maybe some gold nuggets) for you all…and the farm girls are right – your photos are spectacular!!

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