God is so amazing

Our trip to Winnipeg was not only a good one … it was a great one!
We had Sam’s CT scan done yesterday and an hour later we were in the doctors office talking about the results. (Dr MacDonald is the pediatric neuro doc) He was awesome. He was so patient and sat with us and answered questions and set our minds at ease about what our plans are and how we are doing things! He told us that Sam is still not to be doing any physical contact sports, or jumping or anything that requires quick reflex (balancing) for now. He will be back to his normal (he will be at the time)13 yr old self by next spring– even be able to try out for the high school football team!!!!!!!!!!!! We were very happy to hear that , as Sam has been waiting for years to play!
Dr.MacDonald answered Sam’s questions about the “hole” in his head (where there is no bone anymore) and once the risk of infection from the bullet is gone (about 6 months) if the “hole” bothers him he can have a metal plate put in so it is not such a constant reminder. This will be up to Sam if he wants to do this– although it can leave him open to another infection after the surgery but weigh that against him always having that reminder there… peace of mind can’t have a price put on it.
We also learned that Sam is still not out of the woods totally yet as he is still at risk (a small risk– but one none the least) for infection since there ARE foreign objects embedded in his brain. That risk will be dropped to next to nothing after 6 months, but it will be something that is there his whole life.
The bullet will not move either. Where it is, is where it will stay. We were so happy to hear that! SO there is no fear of football or any sports jarring it and it moving to a new locale…whew!

We saw the first CT Scan that he had done when Sam came into the hospital on July 29. There was alot of “white blobs” on the scan… this was blood pooling. Their main concern was that the pool was going to remain pooling and cause problems… so when we saw yesterdays scan… no “white blobs”!!!!!!!!!! The blood was gone and his brain was lookin good!
But here is the piece d’resistance… Dr. MacDonald informed us that yesterday after the blood had cleared and they were able to see things clearer…. the bullet had CHANGED DIRECTION when it entered his brain. That means that if it had followed the STRAIGHT PATH that bullets usually do, things would have been alot different, BUT it changed direction and CURVED as it entered in his brain! God was most definitely watching over our son on that day. So many different endings could have happened July 29, but God choose one that would be miraculous! GOD IS SO GOOD! I had a very hard time trying to stay composed as he told us all of this … and i am still in shock as i type this out today. Just when i Think we have reached our quota (so to speak) on blessings with this ordeal … God decides to throw yet another shocker in this story and prove that Proverbs 3:5-6 is so right:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge him,
And he will make your paths straight.”

I know that our paths are not going to be easy these next few months, but with God as our pilot He will make sure we will come out better for it.


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  1. Aw Jo, I am so glad that the Dr. was able to give you some good news yesterday. I’ve been thinking about you and your family quite a bit lately. It definitely sounds like God has been looking after Sam. I have no doubt that you will all get through this a lot stronger as a unit and knowing Sam’s spirit he will keep amazing you everyday. I wish we were closer in miles so I could be there for you. Hugs to you all.

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