a good day

today was a good day for Sam. there was no headaches, no dizziness, but he did nap for 2 hours after lunch. he helped a bit in the morning with cleaning the shop up — carrying light things and sweeping up a bit. We didnt walk since he was on his feet quite a while in the shop. In the afternoon he helped with picking some peas and beans. So he had a very active and productive day i think.

Yesterday we made all our next appointments for being in Winnipeg and they may just be our only sets! I am not going to name the ladies i spoke to (mostly because i cant remember the names or the positions) but i felt much better after talking to 2 contacts for appointments yeterday. I now know that i am on the right track for Sam and what i am seeing him do. All the little changes that i see in him are all normal with head trauma — so i can stop wondering if i am over analyzing. Both of these same ladies thot that our plan to just see how sam is inSept (strength and endurance wise) and have him go one class a day when he is able– was a great idea. That way he is working at his own pace and we can encourage him with small steps instead of giant leaps.
Which brought me to today’s tasks… i was in contact with the schoool division to set up a tutor for when he is at home, an EA in case he may need one during school and to fill them in on his situation. Now all this is based on HOW WELL sam is emotionally and mentally (meaning his concentration level, headaches, dizziness etc) come sept. He may just totally shock us yet again and be ready for school with everyone else… who knows!?

My job has given me leave from work until the end of Nov. so i dont have to worry about that and i can concentrate on samuel and josh (who i have been trying to set up councelling and help for him too). there is alot of stuff going on in my teenagers heads that they arent talking about right now and i am trying to prepare them and the rest of the house for it, if it suddenly gets to much for them. I know most people are looking at them and us and thinking that everything is fine and dandy… Josh is smiling, sam is walking and talking, sam is home… but there is alot going on in heads and hearts in our house and we are far from being back to normal… maybe one day but not yet.


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