i put the warning title here because Samuel wants me to put the picture of his scar on here after theytook out his stitches…. so i will.

Yesterday was a hard day for sam. When i left him on Wed. night he had a rash on his stomach and a bit on his arms. when i got to CK-3 on thurs. morning my poor boy was COVERED in a red itchy rash– origin unknown!! none of the usual “anti itch” med’s worked for him. So we had ped’s, allergists, residents and nurses pokin’ and proddin him trying to find the reason for it. Finally at 6 pm the allergist called me and said they have decided that it must be he dylantin that he is on (anti seizure medication- common with head trauma’s) has for some reason caused the rash now that he is on the pill form!!! go figure. the neuro team wants him to stay on it and be weaned off, the allergists want him to stop it immediately. neuroteam wins! They will wean him 50 mg a day for the next few days.He hasnt had any seizures so far (that we are aware of) but Sam is still not totally out of the woods yet. So it is better to be safe then back at ICU!

Our day yesterday basically consisted of waiting around for the different areas to come and assess his rash or nurses to bring meds! Sam is so ready to come home, but i am so nervous that i feel like a long tailedcat in a room full of rocking chairs! I hope that he is able to handlebeing at home, with company and his siblings, and the dogs and just life in general. I amsure he will be fine but i am his mom and i worry about him. i worry about the ignorant people who will say hurtful things, the inconsiderate people who will try to make him feel bad… i just pray that his friends(and siblings) will stick up with him so he has support if i or dennis are not there.

we had our first taste of ignorance yesterday when the allergy doctor was there with him. as she was leaving she turns and says to Sam “and no playing with guns!” i was livid and in shock! I complained to our ped. Dr Mustafa and he spoke with her and she apologized to me…. on the phone.we will see her again today and i will make sure she apologizes to sam too. she said she meant no harm , which may be true, but should a medical professional make flippant comments like that to a child in a bed with at all… never mind that he has a gunshot wound to his head!grrrrrrrrrrrr i am still fuming!

Today is supposed to be busy with finalizing doc. assessments and future appt.’s since they are preparing to discharge us and send us home on Saturday!!!! Sam is so excited about it — i was reluctant to say anything in case their minds, but physically he is great, just needs to build stamina, and mentally he just needs to work on some consentration areas and a few other things.
He will be going home with a wheel chair, but only to use when he is tired (not at home but if we go out) and he will be on some minor meds for a few days…. so here is hoping…i think… someone grab a net those butterflies are loose again…..


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