One week…

It is so hard to believe that one week ago today i was waiting in a room to hear the outcome of my sons surgery… we are so blessed to have him with us still today!!
I am being constantly amazed that by the grace of God, all this young man is capable of. He walked around our “half” of the wad today , then was outside for a ‘ride’ in the chair and still was able to maintain a cheery dispostion when his IV machine beeped at us every 5 minutes — drove me crazy!!

Sam had a very busy day today with physiotherapy (which we intended to go to but due to conflicts with other appts we had to miss the actual PT time) in his room, we had a appt with the opthamologist (it is looking like sam has most of the sight in his left eye!!!!!! He will be assessed more in sept but so far so good!), we had ocupational therapy, visitors from the city, a walk around the outside ring of the hospital, and a tour of the 3rd floor.
sam found an appetite today for some french fries– so i headed down to the salsbury house to get the boy some food that was NOT fish (we wondered if it might be for “brain food” lol) and his awesome day nurse debbie made him a raspberry milkshake!
we convinced Debbie to let us take a group photo since she was #1 on sammi’s favorite nurses list…lol

she would make up sam’s bed whenever he would leave it and she would always have yeti in an interesting situation when we returned… this was just before bedtime and yeti is ready to go to sleep… “Debbie is sooo cool” says sam

There is still no time as to when we will be going home and i am told that that neurological team sees him at 6 am …. so guess where i will be on thursday at 6 am? yeppers– talking to doctors to try and see what the plan is.(cross your fingers!)

Sam’s other big news today is that he is off the thickened water and nectar juices and on regular drinks! Whoo hoo! He was asperating (inhaling water into his lungs) so they put him on the thick stuff (sam was not overly impressed with this) but today they gave him real water, juice and iced tea!!! he still has the odd asperation moment but he just needs to be reminded to take it slow. He also needs to be reminded to eat. He will forget that he is eating something so a gentle reminder helps. There may be other simple things that he wil be distracted from and a bit of “retraining” will help fix that.

God is still answering prayers that i havent even thought of, and i thank Him for that every hour it seems! I am so thankful that my son is here with us. He is a wonderful, caring, humourous kid! He had me laughing today like only he can….Thank you Father for Samuel…


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